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The Power of Music for Language Development

Learning to talk and communicate well is one of your young child’s most important tasks. Children who lack communication skills of any kind (e.g. language, sign language or gesture) struggle to express their needs, understand their world and build happy relationships with the people around them. Just imagination the frustration of not being able to understand anything or make yourself


Most babies are still developing the capacity to communicate and we can certainly help them with this, by providing them with meaningful language experiences such as reading stories, singing songs and talking directly to them.

For toddlers who have a speech delay, a lack of language brings with it not just frustration, but further potential consequences for reading, writing, attention, and social skills down the line.

One of the most powerful ways to build your child’s communication is to use music. In this post, I will explore many of the benefits of music for early communication and interaction.

Just how Powerful is Music?

Music is one of the oldest forms of communication. We cannot know for certain, but it is plausible that, along with signs and gestures, music played a key role in the original development of human speech. Both music and sign remain powerful tools for teaching early language, interaction and communication.