"Just want to say Frieda and I really enjoyed the session today (and the whole course so far!). She just loves when someone sings to her and the signs are added fun!" Sarah Arntz

"Hi Helen, thanks so much for the lovely class, really enjoyed it!" Nadine Elbaradie and Lyla

"My 7 month old daughter and I really enjoyed the Chatterparrot classes. The songs and musical instruments were fun and really held her attention. Helen was lovely to deal with and even managed to continue the classes online when Covid stopped in-person classes. An extra bonus was the small class size meant there was normally other parents to go for coffee and adult conversation with after class." Clare Hall

"Myself & my little man Jake (8.5 months, 7 corrected) love Chatterparrot. Lots of sensory toys to get his attention & he seems to love the songs. The signing is what drew me to Chatterparrot & I'm really enjoying learning the basic signs for family/food items/emotions etc." Dorothy Rowe

"I booked a private session with Helen for my two boys at home and was really impressed. By the end of the session, I had learned 3 songs and how to sing them to my boys using sign. It was great to see my boys engaged, singing, and most of all happy. We had a lot of fun and I felt better able to be more creative at home using song and play. I will definitely be booking Helen again as my boys thoroughly enjoyed and so did I :-)" Hannah Dowd